Thursday, September 09, 2010

9th. Anniversary of 911 rolls around with Neocons calling for war with Iran

With the 9th. Anniversary of 911 Current U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan are reaching 95,000, more than we have in Iraq. We are leaving the Worlds largest embassy, Fortress America, in Iraq and currently working on a similar one in Pakistan, while boasting of 737 military bases worldwide.

As the frogwater becomes noticably warm, the AIPAC oriented congress along with a senate that is directly tied to the shadow government quietly acquiecse to eternal war and the invasion of Iran.

All this because of a war that was started based on a lie; weapons of mass destruction, the same reason that is being used for Iran. and implemented by accusations of terrorists in airliners flying into the World Trade Center buildings WTC 1 & WTC 2.

As many folks now believe the official story of the collapse of the buildings was fabricated and promoted by the NIST, it is important that there be an open and independent investigation to analyse the overly abundent evidence that there was more to it than airplanes, Al Qaeda, building fires and gravity.

Ron Paul in San Francisco - Amazing Speech!

Dennis Kucinich on Fox News


  1. Needless to mention the judge is on the take, and allied with the Rupert Murdoch empire. Freedom Watch is much like Freedom Works and is allied with Fox News and, cough, Gland Beck. I like MiniLincoln, though, and would vote for him for president even if he did take a ride on Airforce 1...

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