Corporate Media

This is a screen capture from today Feb 24th, using a google search using the News tab.
Amazingly, Google only comes up with one news source. How can this be? Well, take a look at this... "GOOGLEPLEX". Looks to me like Google has become so big that it can no longer ignore the corporate masters

Here is another screen capture using the Web tab. So, on the web we get 3990 answers, all from blogs and left wing news sources. The shady powers that be can talk about China untill the're blue in the face, but I don't know how they can explain this obvious black out of important information. Ray McGovern knows what he is doing and being a noted ex CIA man has taken extreme steps to communicate with concerned Americans, just like he did on Dec 16, 2010, where he, Daniel Ellsberg and 134 others were arrested in front of the White House for calling to end the war, as can be seen "HERE"

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