Thursday, July 10, 2008

Exclusive: Barry Jennings WTC7 Testimony

At 2:20 into the second video Barry mentions that it was hot very hot. He broke out the window with a fire extinguisher and down below he could see police cars on fire, buses on fire. He said that he was on the north side of the building.

The picture is from Judy Woods site: "WTC7 looks REALLY good here! (It's the building on the right, a block away from where the camera person is standing.) I believe this is after WTC1 goes poof, but am not sure. I have pictures from the next block up, next to WTC7, and it didn't look nearly as bad as this! So, I'm thinking that this part of the street got toasted when they did WTC1 and the other one was after WTC2 and before WTC1."

Barry Jennings full ABC7 "LIVE" interview from early afternoon on 9/11.

This was taken from Dylan Avery's just released FULL and UNCUT interview with Barry Jennings - This clip is from the first 1:52 of his clip.

Barry was in WTC7 on the morning of 9/11 and speaks to ABC7 shortly after escaping from WTC7 with the assistance of the FDNY, time is approx 1pm on 9/11.

UPDATE: Back from the future...Feb 28, 2010...The first part of the interview seems to be blocked on Youtube, but I'm sure that there are copies of it around the innertubes, like this one.

Barry Jennings Uncut 20:45


  1. Hmmm...Now I have to ask the question...Were the toasted cars the result of an explosion at WTC6?


  2. Barry was looking, through that open window in the picture, at a burning bus, just after WTC 2 fell.

    Patricia Ondrovic, an emergency tech, who was running down Vesey St. witnessed cars bursting into flames.

    She said that was shortly after WTC 2 fell. She also witnessed explosions and military cops in WTC 6.