Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Disneyficaton of "The Lorax" would not plea$e Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Theatrical Trailer (2012)

Dr. Seuss was an artist and a poet. In my opinion this movie is tripe and a pure form of hype. It doesn't portray the feelings or the message of what the good doctor presented. Is it just me or are corporate interest$ being represented here. The original is good enough for me... I hope to be free...and to see... a tree... as it really should be...G:

"The Lorax" By Dr. Seuss

Sign petition here...Let the Lorax Speak for the Trees!

Dr. Seuss also wrote for seniors...G:

When at last we are sure
You’ve been properly pilled,
Then a few paper forms
Must be properly filled
So that you and your heirs
May be properly billed.
  • You're Only Old Once! : A Book for Obsolete Children (1986)


  1. Recieved this email today...hooray

    This week we found out we did it! Woo hoo! Now visitors will see a gruvvulous "Go Green" Truffula tuft button that Universal put on their big website -- the button links to a whole page of tips about how to help the environment. You, yes you, and 57,238 others helped us put it there by signing our petition.

    We are so proud! Some adults say they're role models for kids, but we think we're being role models for adults. We are also proud because so many of you helped us. Even though we might be little we can still make a lot of change in anything we work hard at.

    Our petition was so much fun. You can make one at, too -- just click here! We were super psyched and wanted to check signatures every second! We graphed how many, but it blew right off the poster! It's great for people to be caring about the environment!

    To wrap up, we'd just like to say:

    Thank you so much for all your support.
    We needed Universal to be a good sport.
    We are the changers, the changers that say,
    "Thank you so much on this glorious day!
    You helped us a ton," we needed to say,
    "We couldn't have done it any other way."


    - Ollie, Lanie, Georgia, Zoe, Jake, Alex, Jacob, Sophia, Ben, Miky, Jeffery, Camily, Vikrum, Lulu, Nicole, and Ted (aka Mr. Wells)

  2. Greetings Geez, it's been a while (I had to sign in on my Google account, it's been that long). I've been out of circulation for a bit, but I'm slowly coming back.

    The commercialization of the classic "Lorax" is nor surprise and is nothing more than a resume padder for a young actress, who happens to have a contract with Disney.

    Money rules, lol.

    See ya around the "Tubes" Geez!


  3. Howdy Dad, It has indeed, and tiz good to hear ya. I'm way behind on the blog, there just isn't much activity anymore...I guess that it's all on Facebook and Twitter now. I'm still on the tubes ragging on the NWO, but it's with video. What the hay, it's free. I've got so much stuff on the Googleplex that privacy is no longer an option. My Youtube channel is... wordgeezer. Be sure to update your flash cause there is more weirdness on there than you can shake a stick at...G: