Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ron Paul Denied Candidacy by the Corporate Government

Well, I guess that we know by now that nothing has changed since the Eisenhower administration, He warned us about all this just before he left office. Three months later John F. Kennedy told us more about this and also about Secret Society's. Is this not the exact circumstances today that our leaders spoke of 50 years ago? Have we had a single president that was not under the control of the corporations and the Military Industrial Complex? Johnson, inherited his presidency, and had to take responsibility for Vietnam, but to his credit, didn't run for a second term. If I remember right, he waited until the last minute, when he was on camera,to make his announcement. Starting with tricky Dick, continuing with Ronnie Raygun, and to the present day it has been "wag the dog" with the POTUS being merely a figurehead for the Banksters that, along with the corporations and the military, are calling all of the shots. I would be remiss, if I didn't mention the Zionist leaders of Israel, so I will because it is doubtful that the Jewish people as a whole really go along with their aggressive agenda.

Bill Clinton’s New Role as Pres. Obama’s ‘Campaign Whisperer’

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The Moderate Voice Apr 24th, 2012

WASHINGTON – Politico nailed the headline in the most important political article of the day Monday, penned by Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Martin.

Team Obama has finally realized that talking about Mitt Romney as not having a “core” is a loser.

Anyone who has looked at his life, which I have, knows this is well off the mark. Romney has a deep, foundational core, which can be seen in his family life, his devout commitment to Mormonism, as well as the outreach he’s done through his church, which includes helping people.

However, there is nothing in the Mormon fundamentalist faith that is liberal or even centrist. It is a staunchly conservative doctrine with defined roles for men and women that are vastly outside of how the majority of Americans live. It’s also what allows Mitt Romney to embrace the Republican far right.

This reality is masked by whatever moves meant to get him where he wants to be, with Mitt Romney’s necessity to cater to the fringe right his most vulnerable point of weakness, because the American people are not moored on the right.

Of course former Pres. Bill Clinton would know the extremes are where Romney’s vulnerable, while also offering an opportunity to hit fringe right policies trumpeted by today’s Republican Party.


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