Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2012 Are we doomed or do we have a party?

   The Big I

Yep, this is where it's at, at least right now, "the here and now"...that's where I am as I type this message. A message that is already history as it appears on the page, in fact, pretty much everything that I think and do relates to history.

I am positive that the sun will come up in the morning, and reasonably sure that I will be there to see it. The ying and the yang is always in perfect balance, so I need only to understand it and broaden the moment of perception to something that is comprehensive in my current experience.

Sometime in the near future I believe that I will look up the meaning of experience and, if that is edifying, I'll also look up the meaning of qualified. So....what to do tomorrow? Read some more about Mayan glyphs and the precession of the equinox's, or find solace in looking at a dew drop on a blade of grass in a meadow that I have only imagined.

Cracking the Mayan Code

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