Friday, August 13, 2010

Treason by Members of the United States Congress

End Israel Lobbies Pervasive and Damaging Influence in US Politics Apr-21-2010 15:17

Debbie Menon

(DUBAI, UAE) - Mark Perry in his recent article in Foreign Policy journal "Petraeus wasn't the First," describes succinctly, the opposition to U.S. support for Israel, the rationale for it, and the cover-up on it among American publishers[1].

"It is extremely valuable reading" recommends Alison Weir, the the executive director of IF AMERICANS KNEW, “it corrects misconceptions that so many Americans have on the causation of U.S. support for Israel - including even some who are otherwise well informed on Palestine” she asserts.

Mark Perry is correct in all respects, of course. It is all old history, as he quotes Joe Hoar of reminding him. Yes, please read it... again... but like Joe Hoar correctly said, "What's the news here? Hasn't this been said before?” and hasn’t it all been done before ?

Has man ever learned from history? I think it says something about the nature of Man when you reflect that Einstein said “that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Elements, vital elements, of the US Government have always opposed the concept of a Zionist Israel, ever since State and Defense advised Truman not to sign on... which he did with reservations, qualifications and restricting conditions, which were immediately and have long since been ignored.

But, none of these vital elements of governance, govern the Zionist Corporate controlled US Press, Entertainment, Academic, and Public (Mis)information Media where the grass roots of American public opinion are planted and from which the contentedly uninformed American masses take their opinions and feelings and the corporate and business advertising budgets which drive them. Nor do they control the free-spending lobbies who buy and sell Legislators and Politicians on Capitol Hill with the same ease with which they trade banks and corporations on the Stock Market. Go figure!

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