Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time traveling on Blogger

ZZZZzzzz....* Hmm, I can remember my first post here on Blogger, it's like just an instant of time looking back from the "here & now". That's when I was commenting on the Patrick Fitzgerald Blog, and met SQ and GEF. Suzie-Q later started up a blog and ask me if I would like to be one of the authors and i've been posting there ever since. It's been a real gas and I've met some cool folks along the way...G:

Here's my first post on blogger


  1. Hey G:, I just left a message to your past self, pretty cool!

    I wonder if I caused one of them thar paradoxes...?

  2. Yo Dad, this is the old G: by the waterfall. Things are pretty peaceful here in Oregon. Soon as i get home I'll look up paradox...G:....zzzzZZZZ

  3. Hey Geez, I left a little note and a little slam for Arthuro to digest on your Suzie-Q post.

    BTW, are you the present Geez, or the past G:?

    Goddamn it I know I shouldn't do this time-travel crap, I get confused too easily!

  4. Poor ol Arthur. He tries do hard to please the NWO.

    Actually, I'm like nowhere dad. I was in the past but you were gone, but you were there while I was gone. Now I'm here and you're gone. I'm pretty new at this? Are you really gone...G:

  5. Nope, I'm in the here and now for the time being Geez.

    I've learned a lot about time travel the past few years Geez, no matter where you are, you're here!