Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fox News Reported WTC-7 Collapse Before it actually happened~HELLO!

Another clear cut case of the media on 9/11/01 being fed a cover story on WTC-7's collapse before the actual event. In this clip, the anchors for FOX-5 in Washington DC on 9/11/01 report that WTC-7 had already collapsed and then they watch WTC-7 collapse seconds in their own video footage just after they already reported that the collapse already happened. This is more evidence that WTC-7 was brought down in a controlled demolition. How could anyone know a building with light fire damage is too collapse at free fall speed, unless they know it is going to be brought down with explosives?


  1. These Faux news folks are as dumb as fence posts. Watch this video whilst you can because it will probably disappear from Youtube...G:

  2. It's amazing that since YouTube became part of the Google-plex, all kinds of 9/11 Truther stuff magically starts disappearing into Cyber Never-Neverland.

    The Google-plex Computing Cloud hides the All-Seeing Eye methinks?