Thursday, December 22, 2005


Hi...I don't really know what i'm doing here, but i'm having fun and will try to hold the interests of any one bored enough to find this web log. My entries will probably reflect the past, as I have been around for a while, and have seen change that I would have thought existed only in the comic books I read. In fact looking back...Which I can assure you is only an instant of time...I would have saved allmost all of them, especially the Sci Fi's and horrer comics such as "Tales From The Crypt". All comics cost a dime, and I had a large box full of them. I can remember the time that you could write a check on a base ball if you wanted to, and cash your payroll check at any corner grocery store...I could walk to the store with 50 cents and bring home bread, milk, and eggs...Things are moving so fast now, that we will be a cashless society before we know it. The powers that be are doing away with the personal check as we speak.
You will be hearing from me about the outright theft of our government by a gang of theives who claim to be conservatives. They are a far cry from what I thought was conservative. I thought I was conservative, because I believe in protecting nature, and saving for a rainy day. Now I am a senior citizen who appears to be what these idiots would call a radical. I guess that this separates the audience... just like the neocons separated our political parties by controlling the media and creating a chasm as big as the Grand Canyon between them.
If I can figure this out, I'll add a few embellishments to my next post, and will try to keep my posts short and to the point. Yippee! this is fun


    1. Hello myself, yep it's me coming from the future. Who said that time travel isn't possible. It is now Thursday May 22, 2008 and I haven't changed my venue much, except for a little tin foil that I've learned from my friends on the innertubes. Bu$hco is still the unwelcome resident in the whitehouse and Darth Chainy is still calling the shots. The planet is in one hell of a fix through the evil doing of this corporation that has bankrupted this once great country.

      I remember saying that Obama would make a great president when I saw him at the primaries in 2004 when the Neocons stole another election.
      Well believe it or not he is leading in the primaries and pretty much has it cinched unless, of course, Insane McCain is shooed in through a false flag attack on Iran...G:

    2. Hello Geez, I'm one of the guys from the future who helped fit you for a tinfoil hat!

      Time travel is just one of my shticks, communing with aliens, androids, AIs and other paranormal types also.

      Time to go back now G:, keep on truckin'!

    3. Hi Dad? You were here but I was gone. Now I'm here and you're gone. Oh well, back to the future....zzzzZZZ*

    4. ....zzzzZZ*

      Iim back. You ain't going to beleive it, but Obama is the potus. Problem is that the whole campaign on hope was a scam. Dad tried to tell me but, ever the optimist, I believed that change was possible.

      Nothing happened, except for more privatization and corporate control...G:

      This country, along with Israel, the Limies, France, Italy, Nato, etal are busy wreaking havoc in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Aden, and other parts of the Middle East, not to mention Africa. It's a Neocons wet dream come true, as the Banksters collect record profits and the shuman's are taxed out of all of the programs that we took for granted.

    5. OOOooommm...* (G%- What the world, seems like I just left here. Unbelievably, the Neocorporate industrial complex is now occupied by Vulture Capitalists, a personifacation that can only be described by reffering to a vintage comic book.,,Batman vs The Joker who would rule the world...