Sunday, January 01, 2006


I was reading a stastistic about senior citiizens, and feel somewhat reenforced on my views about the current administration. I wont really say that it is about George Bush. It is about what Eisenhower called the Industrial War Complex. George like all presidents is nothing but a figure head, just not quite as competent as some. With the help of photo-ops, prompters, and ...I ear device, he manages to stumble through his script. Anyway...what I was reading was that about 70% of people over 65 do not like what is going on with our government. I haven't liked it since that I heard George junior was running for president. Well money talks...He won...And with the help of a tragedy, he won in 2004. "I'm Sorry" do you remember the web site that you could send your picture to...Well, this is the one I sent...

Anyhoo...Knowing that Geezers are pretty much disgusted by...or should I say...pretty damned sorry about the neoconservative agenda, I can ramble on without worrying about insulting the majority of any one who might read this obscure bit of raving about something that a lot of people are trying to do something about. Here is an artical by someone who definately qualifies as a geezer. You tell-em Andy...I stutter...

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