Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Some people say that George W Bush will go down in history as the president that brought change to the Middle East. These same people, when they are old enough to know better, will be lucky to be able to afford a history book. A book that will probably take 65 volumes, or whatever their retirement age might be. These same people will be living with their relatives, or if they're lucky enough to survive without medicare, their relatives will be living with them. I heard enough current events on KPOG 620 AM last night to write several volumes. Some people will read this today, and some people will read it in the history books. The same books that proclaim the virtues of Ronald Reagon. Do you suppose that dubya will be carved in stone on Mt. Rushmore?

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  1. Sometimes I travel in time~~~This is Saturday June 14 2014 and a lot of history has passed under the bridge. Believe it or not, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other such pesky Neocons are advocating boots on the ground in Iraq. Shock & Awe has become passe' and the weapon of choice has become the drone aircraft, which is being freely used to anahilate, or should I call it for what it is..."execution by highly energetic missiles using thermobaric warheads". Even Osama Bin Laden has now been executed if we can believe Obama Been Frauden. I've gotta go back to the future now,..peace...G%