Wednesday, December 28, 2005


We had a great holiday "holy day" here in Independence Oregon. The house was filled with folks spanning four generations, of which I am the Great Grandfather. We ain't got a barrell of money, but had a good time. Turkey..taters...dressing...succotash...cranberries...olives...pie...
My grandson played guitar, and my son was playing the base. My great granddaughter showed us how to play the harmonica...She is two, and was really cutting some notes.
Wish that I had a video of that one. Videos are my thing...plenty high tech for me. I get them at garage sales, and sell them the same way, or trade them to somebody that hasn't seen them. Do you know anyone who hasn't seen "As Good As It Gets"?
One of my favorite videos is the one of George Bush trying to escape from a press interview. He has always had problems in any situation that is not a photo-op, with an audience of his choosing. Or with an interviewer who ask's any questions that haven't been rehearsed.

This is from his recent visiit to China...

Reporter's diary

His earlier meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao did not permit media questions.

Mr Bush answered a range of questions before one reporter said: "Respectfully, sir - you know we're always respectful - in your statement this morning with President Hu, you seemed a little off your game, you seemed to hurry through your statement. There was a lack of enthusiasm. Was something bothering you?"

The president answered: "Have you ever heard of jet lag? Well, good. That answers your question."

The reporter asked for a follow-up question but the president then thanked the attending journalists and said "No you may not" as he walked away.

He strode from the lectern to the door, trying both handles and then breaking into a laugh.

An aide escorted him to the correct exit and on to dinner at the Great Hall of the People.
I'm having difficulties with this live link...
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