Saturday, March 27, 2010

Israeli tanks enter Gaza

Sydney Morning Herald

March 27, 2010 - 9:54PM


Israeli tanks entered the Gaza Strip on Friday night, following the killing by militants of two Israeli soldiers, sparking a clash in which a Palestinian was killed.

At least seven Palestinians were killed in the clash, which comes amid the worst spate of violence in the besieged coastal territory in 14 months.

The Palestinian medics said the death and injuries were caused by a tank shell but gave no further details.

The tanks, backed by helicopters, advanced briefly into the Khan Yunis section in the south of the Gaza Strip before retreating to Israeli territory, witnesses said.

The incursion followed a fierce clash on Friday on the border between the Gaza Strip and the Jewish state in which two Israeli soldiers, one an officer, and four Palestinians were killed, according to the Israeli army.

"An officer and a soldier were killed and two others slightly wounded in an exchange of fire with terrorists planting explosives along the security fence in southern Gaza," an army spokesman said in a statement.

General Yoav Golan, the army's commander for the southern region, said one of the Israelis died when his own grenade exploded and that a total of four Palestinians were killed.

Palestinian officials have not confirmed the toll.

Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas which rules Gaza, has claimed responsibility for the killing of the two soldiers in the heaviest fighting in the territory since the end of the 2008-09 Gaza war.


  1. There's too much emphasis on "Israel" these days. Like this nation is something special, or something. God rejected Israel, corporately, when they rejected Him. I say this, because, the modern Zionist uses his supposed ancestry (actually, most Zionists aren't even Jewish) as some kind of excuse for the atrocities they perpetrate.

    We now know that the Zionists wish to establish their centralized world government in Jerusalem, technically; the temple mount, itself. This is why they want all Islamic influence out of there. Since so-called Christianity fell to their wiles, the only obstacle in the way of the pagan Zionists is Islam. As long as they are a factor in the world, they will be considered a threat needing extermination.

    The worst racists are the Zionists, with orthodox Jews being their unwilling dupes... those that haven't already caught on to their scam. The Rothschild banking family & associates are the modern proponents of re-establishing the ancient Babylonian empire, designed for world conquest and setting up a counter government to that of Jesus Christ.

    That's what it's always been about... who's fit to rule.

  2. I know I've always incurred the wrath of my liberal friends by injecting Christ and God into the NWO scenario... most liberals are against organized religion... however, that's what they are facing with the NWO, organized religion in the form of paganism.

    In infiltrating and debauching what was once pure Christianity, the pagans' cheap knock-off that we have, today, naturally serves their agenda - which is to turn off and disgust thinking people, turning them against God. It's such a circus, nowadays, it's almost impossible to distinguish between the phony pseudo-construct of the pagans and that of the true faith of Christ.

    Atheism is increasing exponentially, these days, because, people do not know that the church that they assume to be the one that represents the true faith is exactly the opposite. It has been so watered down by centuries of dogma and perforated with error and tradition, it seems impossible, now, to distinguish it from the real McCoy.

    If the world understood that this is, in fact, a war between Satan and Christ, there wouldn't be so much confusion as to why these atrocities are carried out. There are two realities: The pagan construct that rules our economic and religious society, and the promise of the re-establishment of the former original system under God's rule, lost due to transgression.