Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The UHC Battle is Really about Insurance Profits

Instead of Funding Universal Healthcare, Dollars Become Insurance Company Profits

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Submitted by Melinda Gibson
January 14th, 2008

* Health Care for Al

"We’re already paying for universal coverage. We’re just not getting it. We’re pouring a large portion of every health care dollar into the waste of the private insurance companies, their executive salaries and stock options, their lobbying and advertising. [Universal health care] would remove that waste by making the government the single payer for health care…It is time to take the profit out of health care coverage, time to provide for the American people, not for the insurance companies…Privately delivered health care, publicly financed—has worked well in other countries, none of which spend as much per capita on health care as the United States."


  1. .
    "Well HE'S certainly not playing ball! What's WITH him? I heard he believes in ALIENS!!!"

    [Aliens descend upon Congress and Kucinich single-handedly convinces them not to eat us all, but to give us UHC. The ET's do eat all the Republicans and Blue Dogs, though. The nation mourns, with a smirk on its' face. The End. --Or is it???!!!]

    This may be the only possible scenario in which we actually get immediate comprehensive universal single-payer national healthcare this year.

  2. Yep, no one wants Dennis on their team, because he won't play by their rules. Honesty and virtue don't count in White House games.

    I have to agree, that it will take a miracle of some sort for the sheeple to get the Universal Healthcare that we are already so deeply in debt for...G:

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    I've given up on healthcare. Let the Repukes & Blue Dogs go down in flames with it. Next NOV will be an historical Mid-Term: the President's Party, or a Leftier Third Party will actually pick up seats, but his "moderate centrist" conservative DINO faction will be wiped out. Maybe THEN we can get corporate money & influence out of politics. Until we do, they're running the whole show for their own benefit. THAT is the central & over-riding issue, not healthcare or card check or Afghanistan: Who runs OUR government? Us or them?

    Se yawl next NOV. And 2012, 2014, 2016...

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