Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healthcare is also about what you eat

Health care or disease care? Pt1

Health care or disease care? Pt2


  1. .
    I'll just do the salad bar in Heaven, or...

    -They prob'ly don't have a salad bar in Hell, hunh? Totally wilted lettuce, etc?

    They prob'ly just have a big ol' hotdog cart in Hell. But the weenies might be...

    --Sh*t, I gotta start eatin' righteous!

  2. Yep, an apple a day Cosa, we're just gonna have to come up with our own healthcare, you know, like growing illegal herbs and stuff. Starting our own banks and insurance companies too, not to mention some down home hospitals with a fast connection. We're not going to get anything from the corporate elitist's but a fancy name for medicine we should be growing ouselves...G:

  3. Close-by in Ithaca, NY, they have a local currency called the 'hour.'

    It's backed by an hour of labor. Imagine that!

    It's only legal to use in town, but it's used like Helicopter Ben's Federal Reserve Notes.

    Worth more too!