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911 Revisited~WTC Explosions~Ronald Wieck Expose'

9/11 Revisited: Were Explosives Used? - The funniest bloopers are right here

Arthur Scheuerman, from the above video, who has been busy posting his lengthy copy/paste comments all over the internet, has this to say about evidence of explosions in the World Trade Center buildings.

"I believe practically all the supposed 'explosive' sounds can be explained by the impacts made by the collapsing buildings after the columns were pulled in and buckled by the bowing and sagging floors and when the floors themselves began impacting the floors below. The boom, boom, boom, boom, boom repetitive 'explosive' sounds reported by firefighters running as Tower 2 was coming down were most likely caused by the sequential collision of impacting floors after the top of the building began falling. The great quantity of air on each floor being compressed in a fraction of a second by great weight and momentum would propel air, smoke, and any concrete dust and debris outward from the building at great velocity by the bellows effect of the floors coming together so quickly."


The suppositions of Arthur and his friends at JREF can only be described by the term "Not Even Wrong"

There is apparently a little hanky panky going on as can be seen in the above video, where Arnold Wieck quotes Arthur's paper "The Collapse of Building 7", because he was not quoting the original paper which still exists in the NIST report.

The Collapse of Building 7
By Arthur Scheuerman
Dec. 8 2006

Wieck was quoting a revised paper that exists only on Goggle Pages and was completely fabricated when he said...

"The anticipation of collapse was a brilliant conclusion and no lives were lost when the 47 story building collapsed about an hour and a half after the evacuation order was given. The BBC somehow misheard the orders to evacuate the collapse zone and reported the building had collapsed well before it actually did."

The Collapse of Building 7
By Arthur Scheuerman
FDNY Battalion Chief, Retired
Posted February 29, 2008



Who is Arthur Scheuerman


  1. the proof is in the pudding

    google..."the collapse of building 7 arthur scheuerman"

    google..."the collapse of building 7 arthur scheuerman February 29, 2008"

    nada zip 0000000000000 ~ Doesn't exist except for references to that partiular google page...G:

  2. Even Mark Robert refers to the original paper on his wtc7lies @

  3. Wieck is like any other debunker - close minded and loud-mouthed.

    Screw 'em Geez, let them keep their heads buried in the dirt, they already have made up their minds as to what 'truth' is, if there's any to be found.

  4. Well, they can keep their heads buried in the dirt till they turn into fossils as far as I'm concerned, but the rocks need to be turned over so these vermin can be observed. I just tried a post on op-ed, don't know it they'll consider it though? Or even if I did it correctly. I guess maybe I'm a little cantankerous today...G: