Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weird things going on in Pakistan

Dozens of militants armed with guns and gas bombs? Take a look at some of these vehicles and think about all of the pictures of toasted vehicles that you have seen in the Middle East bombings that have been going on in recent years.
There has been the same phenomena going on in Gaza too. I can only imagine what this guy in the picture is thinking, but it sure don't look like a gasoline fire.

Attack Destroys Six Nato Tankers Near Peshawar

Asia Tribune

Fri, 10-Apr-2009

PESHAWAR: Suspected Taliban militants planted a bomb near Peshawar that destroyed six tankers supplying fuel to Nato troops in Afghanistan, officials said on Friday.

Around 35 tankers were parked overnight in the Chamkani area, outside Peshawar, when militants placed a bomb under one of the vehicles loaded with diesel, petrol and aviation fuel, police official Asmatullah Khan told AFP.

The blast triggered a fire which spread and engulfed six tankers, he said, adding that the blaze was only brought under control by Pakistan air force vehicles after local fire-fighters failed to tame the flames.

‘They used a special chemical to extinguish the fire,’ a security official said on condition of anonymity. The oil tankers, contracted to supply Nato forces, had been parked in an unauthorised area, the official said.

Militants have carried out a series of strikes against supplies for US and Nato-led foreign forces fighting against a Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers asked about energy beam weapons

There is also some weird happenings on Youtube. This video was working the other day, but now seems to be getting zapped by something. I checked three more videos of the same thing, and they all had the hissing sound, making the audio impossible to hear. Fortunately I found a non Youtube version and it is presently working.



  1. Energy weapons?

    Sure. These military-industrial-congressional-complex wars are testing grounds for new weapons and technology.

    Like those robot Predator planes bombing "militants" in Pakistan.

    They might be a platform for directed energy weapons too.

  2. Yep, mighty strange times dad, in this light it seems somewhat futile for anyone, like the radical right, to be buying up firearms or making homemade rockets. War clubs and crossbows would make a lot more sense, mainly weapons with no metal parts, or something that will reflect back at the bastiches...G: