Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Strange fire damage to cars near WTC on 911

toasted cars

Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds

This page last updated, July 11, 2007

In the debate over toasted cars ignited by this article, some have argued that the wrecked vehicles on FDR drive were damaged at the WTC and were loaded up and transported and dumped on FDR drive for storage. First, there is no evidence that this was done. Second, it makes no sense to load up wrecks, transport them, only to dump them in a busy thoroughfare for storage. These wrecks would have had to be picked up yet again and transported again. If vehicles were truly moved from the WTC to FDR Drive, we wonder why WTC steel beams were not stacked up on FDR drive, as well, if it was such a good storage area. Third, governments may be stupid, but we doubt they could be this inefficient. If reported, it would have been a minor scandal. Fourth, we might be wrong about the facts here, but it looks like the motive for this speculation about shifting wrecks around lower Manhattan is to protect the official story or thermite story or other pet theories. We fail to see any other explanation for such a "forced" interpretation for these photographs. Fifth, marks on the roadway suggest that some of these vehicles were pushed to the side of the roadway until they could be removed.


  1. Staged photos are Bu$hco's stock in trade, from 9/11 on.

    The illusion is all important y'know.

  2. Interesting that the door handles were missing from most cars...G:

  3. Replies
    1. In Sept 2010 NIST finally released some of the videos they were using for their safety investigation. There is video footage of burning cars that occurred before the towers disintegrated. This is stranger still because NIST claims the cars were ignited by burning debris from the towers. The towers that they claim collapsed from ordinary fires involving jet fuel and office furniture.

      These cars were inspected for effects after being moved to the dump. It has been revealed that there was evidence of temperatures that melted the engine blocks and melted guns were found in some of the glove boxes, etc.