Monday, March 09, 2009

Veteran Mideast Envoy Ross Named to Advise Clinton on Iran Strategy

As AIPAC strengthens its hold on the White House the tempo of the ever present war drums are heard in the rhetoric of Zionist sympathasizers.

Eric Margolis on said it well: "While Rome burns, here we go again with renewed hysteria over MWMD's -- Muslim weapons of mass destruction. War drums are again beating over Iran"

March 9, 2009

As the U.S. economy sank ever lower, a huge brouhaha erupted this week over claims that Iran might have nuclear weapons.

The new CIA director, Leon Panetta, said "there is no question, they (Iran) are seeking that capability." The Pentagon chief, Admiral Mike Mullen, claimed Iran had "enough fissile material to build a bomb."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had claimed Iran posed an "absolutely unacceptable threat." However, to Harper's credit, he just admitted that Afghanistan is a no-win war.

The czar of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, Admiral Dennis Blair, stated Iran could have enough enriched uranium for one atomic weapon by 2010-15. But he reaffirmed the 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate that Iran does not have nuclear weapons and is not pursuing them. Defence Secretary William Gates backed up Blair.

Public confusion over Iran comes from misunderstanding nuclear enrichment and lurid scare stories.

Iran is producing low-grade uranium-235 (LEU U-235), enriched to only 2.5%, to generate electricity. Tehran has this absolute right under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Its centrifuge enrichment process at Nantaz is under 24-hour international inspection. Iran's soon-to-open nuclear plant at Bushehr cannot produce nuclear weapons fuel.

Today, some 15 nations produce LEU U-235, including Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, and Japan. Israel, India and Pakistan, all nuclear weapons powers, refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty. North Korea abrogated it.

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  1. Public confusion over Iran comes from misunderstanding nuclear enrichment and lurid scare stories.

    Confusion is the Plan, my man.

    You have the CIA shouting, "Evul Muslims are going to nuke us and Israhell" and the Pentagon saying, "Well, maybe, but we don't see it."

    The "Murrikkkan" sheeple whenever they happen to catch the corpo-media at night listens to these sound-bites and get all scared and confused, between the constant bites of bad economic news of course.

    Divide, conquer, dissemble and confuse.

  2. sudan from Suzie-Q's blog did an excellent post about this on his blog today. The msm is minimizing what's going on here, just like the first wmd fiasco...Baaaaaaaa baaah bah