Friday, October 03, 2008

What caused the destruction of WTC6 ?

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6 World Trade Center
The September 11th Attack

WTC 6 was an eight-story building that stood directly northeast of the the North Tower (WTC 1). Its tenants consistent almost entirely of federal government agencies. It housed the offices of 760 employees of the U.S. Customs service.

800 workers were evacuated from WTC 6 within 12 minutes of the first plane striking the North Tower. That impact caused debris to rain down on the roof of Building 6, which was adjacent to the impacted wall of the tower. 1

WTC 6 was severely damaged on September 11 with two holes that extend the height of the building. The photo, from directly overhead WTC 6 on September 23, shows a large crater in the center of the building, and a smaller one in the southeast end (bottom of photo). The holes had remarkably clean profiles, with the same region punched out of each floor. The shapes of the holes may provide clues about the destruction of the North Tower.

These huge holes with vertical walls extend down to ground level,and whatever caused this required a whole lot of energy of some sort,and it obviously wasn't a normal fire by any stretch of the imagination. There are also some smaller holes in WTC5. In the following video it is noted by several news sources that there was a large secondary explosion just after the collapse of WTC2 and a huge column of smoke and dust rises from the area of WTC6, which bears further scrutiny.

In the NYPD Museum, are some artifacts (melted guns) collected from the building six rubble
that have been formed by molten concrete and steel. It would require extremely hot temperatures to fuse these together.

Also of interest is a car lot at the top left of the map below, which has a lot of toasted cars, yet it's a block or so from the WTC complex. Exactly what happened here is still a mystery to me, but certainly re-enforces my convictions that an open and independent investigation is needed to determine exactly what happened.

Location Map

Up close videos of WTC2


  1. Yeh, I know...911 is old news, but today is full of bad news, so here's some more, like anybody will read it.
    As for me, I think that I'll go to some yard sales and see if I can find some genuine old WW2 vintage tinfoil...G:

  2. Directed energy weapons Geez?

    Not beyond the realm of possibility, the Pentagon has had them since the time of St. Ronnie of the Raygun.

    Cars that look like they've been microwaved have been found 2 to 6 blocks away from the WTC site.

    Melted by fuel and fire, hmmm...

    Maybe within the first block, possibly two.

    But six? *scratching hairy chin*

  3. I dunno Dad, I've heard that the closer you get to the truth, the harder it is to understand.

    I'm of the opinion that anything is possible, including Rayguns. It seems that a lot of things have been overlooked in the NIST noninvestigation. Out of conveniece of course.

    BTW, has anyone seen Arthur. He is conspicuous in his absence...G: