Friday, October 03, 2008

America Pays the Piper: BigTime


  1. I think this is the beginning of it, Geez. The idea has always been that of destroying the sovereignty of whatever country that the evil bastards choose to lay their central bank eggs in... like the wasp that lays it's eggs in a caterpillar's body. When you establish a monopoly, and then scuttle it in an effort to introduce a more Draconian system of reduced freedoms and total dependence on the system, it shows that this same ploy has been time-proven to work every time. The sheep never catch on, or are unwilling to change. Either way, they win.

    I suspect, though, that even with their clever planning, they cannot always predict the outcome. They'll roll better with the punches than we could, so can afford a large margin for error.

    Things will get so bad that most will be willing to sell their souls down the river for some minuscule assurance. All of this being deliberately manufactured by the elitists, too.

  2. I have to agree with Highway Geez, the very evidence of recent events being played right in front of our noses bears this out.

    Surprisingly, some of the sheeple actually started to wake up and pull their heads out of their arses for the time being.

    Sadly, too many have been dumbed down to the point that they would rather have the elitists do their thinking for them, believing that they'll be cared for.

    I have no idea what's going to happen, a lot of things are in play now and there is a global effort to stymie the elitist's plan for the world.

    Looking at this from a historical perspective, the elites' plans will eventually fall short, as they have always done.

    But not without a lot of blood spilled in the process.

  3. The beginning of the end is sure what it looks like Highway. The evil doers are gambling with more than table stakes, and seem willing to throw even more on the table.

    Threats of martial law to members of congress, are not to be taken lightly, but apparently had an influence on the outcome of their unbelievable decision...G:

  4. "Looking at this from a historical perspective, the elites' plans will eventually fall short, as they have always done."

    I hope your right Dad. Like Highway sez these evil bastich's have laid their eggs wherever they see freedom, so maybe the only hope is that they can't keep track of all of the tentacles at once.

    I,m sharpening up my cochillo...

  5. Perhaps it is better said that while the elites might win out for a while, in the end they will lose it all because they will simply use everything all up within their perview.

    Like the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Mayans and any other empire who considered themselves immortal.

    This one too, will die for lack of resources, internal dissention or outside forces.