Monday, August 11, 2008

The good news & The bad news

Bishop: I have some good news and some bad news Your Holiness.

The good news is that you have a phone call, it's from Jesus.

Pope: Thank you, that is indeed good news. Uh, what could be the bad news?

Bishop: The call is from Salt Lake City.

Well, if I don't get struck by lightning, lets move on to more important matters like the main stream media and a refreshing example of good news called .
The Real News..G:

The Real News CEO and Founder Paul Jay

For six years, Paul Jay was the executive producer of counterSpin on CBC Newsworld. In 1998 he decided to start a news channel, Independent World Television and he is now working on a program called The Real News.

The Real News is the flagship program of the IWT and here Canadian Paul Jay talks about how it will be produced.

He has been making long-form documentaries for over twenty years. His recent feature was made in Afghanistan, a film called "Return to Kandahar."

Jay is the founding chair of Hot Docs!, the Canadian international documentary film festival.


  1. That's funny... I don't remember phoning anyone!


  2. well,I thought ya were in Canada. Have ya been racing your truck on the salt flats again. Anyways, if you drop your keys you should probably kick them all the way to the border...G:

  3. I haven't raced any trucks since spring, and I sure won't cross the border, anymore! I don't take kindly to the strip search mentality that post 9/11 Amerika has in place. The last time I crossed the border, (pre-9/11) it was an interesting time, as I told one gung-ho Brown-shirt he could shove his country up his ass and deliver the load, himself, for all I cared! I was still within walking distance from CANUSA, and let him know I didn't love my job THAT much.

    Coming home was always more fun, though, as I have even LESS use for Canada Customs! LOL!