Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Evolution of George Duhhbya Bu$h

Texas Board Rejects Creationist "Science Education" Masters Degree Program

In a followup to this earlier story, the Institute for Creation Research's proposal to offer Masters of Science Education degrees was flatly rejected by members of the advisory committee of the Texas Board of Higher Education, paving the way for official rejection by the full board. The ICR had contended that its masters degrees in science-related subjects

are currently being developed for web-based, distance education platforms to accommodate a growing number of students who desire quality advanced science instruction from a thoroughly biblical perspective.

According to the Dallas Morning News

A lawyer for the Bible-based group also warned that the coordinating board could eventually face legal action for suppressing the free-speech rights of the institute.

That seems about par for the course for creationist strategems to dress up religion as science-- dress religion up as "science," offer it as an "alternative," and then threaten lawsuits when the public rightly recognizes that what's being offered isn't in any way scientific. As previously noted, the ICR's "thoroughly biblical perspective" is comprised of a variety of beliefs, including

* God created the universe in six 24-hour days, 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.
* The universe was created “perfect” by the “creator.”
* The global flood of Noah's age formed all the evident features of the earth's surface, including the existing continents
* Humans and dinosaurs co-existed
* God specially created every "kind of animal" (i.e. produced "proto-species" from which various breeds we recognize as "species" "arose").
* The Bible is literally true and “free from error of any sort, scientific and historical as well as moral and theological.”

Now, it's hard to see how anyone could have thought these beliefs constitute any kind of science content, except for our Commander in Chief, who has some pretty strange opinions on almost all worldly subjects.

Please George, just leave, The Parties Over. Take your finger off the trigger, lay the shotgun down and we'll drive you home. You don't have to worry about who's guarding the Chicken House, Hillary said she'll ride shotgun while you're sleeping it off...G:


  1. interesiting stuff..
    back on the 18th, r u red e 4 sc?

  2. The NWO loves this kind of shite, it distracts the sheeple from real issues like Hell-iburton, the oil companies and the other contract criminals sucking our soon-to-be worthless dollars into their Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts.

    Of course they have to launder the money through the Columbian drug lords and J.P. Morgan first.