Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some 911 evidence that didn't get away

I've already done an article on this, but I think that it is important that we keep harping on this and also keep an eye on the evidence. I don't think we need any theories about how the whole thing happened, but that we keep busy documenting evidence anywhere we can paste it up. The 911 debunkers are working overtime and putting a lot of effort into dividing anyone who doesn't believe the official story into factions, like no planers, troofers, etc. and calling anyone who doubts their Bovine shite "conspiracy theorist's".

I doubt if the NIST report will be completed by this summer, but who's holding their breath. It seems to framing the evidence in a way that it fits the conclusions that Bu$hco has allready made. An investigation has not happened and will not happen untill these Neocon crooks are drug, whining screaming and kicking, out of the Whitehouse.

The good news is that there is a lot of evidence being brought to light and a lot of it is in NY Museums. The analysis of these conglomerates of concrete and fused metal will reveal things that don't fit into the government's story, as the NIST report denies that there was any melted steel.
If this is indeed melted concrete and fuzed steel, the temperatures would have been well above 2000 degrees fahrenheit and maybe closer to 2500 degrees.

Preserving The WTC Wreckage

A Visit to Hangar 17

by Beth Fertig

GREENWALD: ... One of the oddest shapes is called the compression. It's so valuable that it's been locked inside a tent within the hangar. It looks like a meteorite and nobody knows which tower it came from says Charles Gargano, vice chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the hangar and the Trade Center Site. Gargano says the compression is actually 4 stories that have been crushed into a jagged object four feet high.

GARGANO: This is metal that has been compressed again as the result of the collapse of these extremely tall buildings. And that is made up, composition of different materials steel, concrete and other materials and you can see how that was compressed.

Amazingly, it's possible to make out individual objects. There are bathroom tiles, a pipe, and blackened pieces of paper carbonized by the heat. It smells like charcoal. Peter Gatt, who's one of the preservationists here, points to the spine of what looks like a corporate report.

GATT: This is a book. You can find a book inside. You can read letters on these little papers and for some reason they're still here.

BETH: You can actually make out words on some of these tiny pieces of carbonized paper...


  1. What you are looking at here is pancaked floors, what Richard Gage and other 9/11 Truth preachers tell you doesn't exist. You've seen the films of thermite reactions. What's the likelihood that paper would survive those kinds of temperatures, enough that you could still read the words?

    These floors have been compressed together and the paper later burned in a regular fire.

  2. My apologies bolo, didn't mean to confuse you with facts. It's your choice, man, whether you really are seeking the truth or if you would prefer a belief that re-enforces what you have already accepted. All I am doing is collecting evidence here, and most of what I see doesn't agree with the official story.

    Pancakes indeed, have you jref dudes been having breakfast at the IHOP...G: