Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oregon Unites against LNG Ports

February 6 Rally in Salem: NO LNG in Oregon!

Oregon must come together on February 6 to let Governor Kulongoski and your state representatives know that we are UNITED AGAINST LNG!

There are 3 LNG projects proposed for the Oregon coast.

· If even one should get built, it will increase Oregon's
greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons per year.

· These projects will cost billions, money that could be spent on clean, renewable energy.

· The terminals and pipelines linking them to California will endanger communities, cross and condemn hundreds of miles of land, and destroy habitat.

· LNG is not needed in Oregon; even the Governor admits that
most of the gas is going out of state.

· Ask yourself: Why is Oregon being chosen for LNG that will go
to California?

LNG Woes in Boston

Liquefied natural gas tankers traveling through Boston Harbor carry volatile cargo and are terrorists targets. Sixty times a year, these floating bombs steam past thousands of homes and 500,000 residents who are in constant danger. We want these dangerous ships out of Boston Harbor.

VIDEO: LNG danger in Boston Harbor

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  1. It's a ridiculous idea to transport natural gas from the other side of the world when we could be putting windmills in the Columbia George. Oops, I meant Columbia Gorge. Bad mistake...):