Sunday, January 27, 2008

Corporate Media is targeting Kukinich's senate seat.

I heard Dennis being interviewed on Air America KPOJ 620 AM radio this morning in the wee hours. Finally...some media coverage where he can say why he dropped out. It was because of the alliance of corporate interests and the corporate media and that he was fighting for his life to keep his seat in the senate, which our corporate government is trying to occupy with one of their own.


In a speech delivered in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich delivered an impassioned speech that said, in part:

"I deeply and sincerely believe that we fought the good fight -- in large part because of the support from all of you here and from hundreds of thousands of people just like you all across this country. I stood strong because you gave me strength. I spoke out because your voices needed and deserved to be heard. And I told the truth, no matter how unpopular or inconvenient, because, no matter how long it takes, the truth really will set us free.


  1. Yo, old timer... as you're well aware, I don't get into this stuff, but if this guy's an honest man, he doesn't need to get involved with politics of that level, anyway. He'd have to become a prick or be thrown on the dung heap, 'cause nice guys not only finish last, they don't place! 'Fate' did him a favor, methinks!

    I also think he can do the proletariat more good by staying low, and tripping up the elitists when they go lumbering through the lower courts and legislatures, stomping on all of the errant sheep that foolishly cross their path. Even I will vote in municipal elections, because all of the assholes have long since departed for Ottawa, to kiss-up to the PM and his NWO handlers!

    One of those being... George "Duhhhhhhh-bya" Bu$h!

  2. Yep, it's a sad sitcom highway, as the corporate bigwigs pour millions of dollars into Ohio to replace the white hat with one of their clones. I'm a pretty good whiner, but never very good at putting my arse on the line like Mini Lincoln has.

    Mighty disappointing to know that our idiot in chief (George "Duhhhhhhh-bya" Bu$h!) has any influence at all in Ottawa...G:

  3. G "Duhhbya" Bu$hco will certainly go down in history as one of the main tools (or is that fools?) of the NWO.

    Of course, it depends who writes the history books.

    The tinfoil going around Project Camelot is that the "gray aliens" are really our descendents who came from the future in order to straighten this mess out, but their meddling made it happen!

    In their timeline, Bu$hco is a hero! Like Truman, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

    It figures. Big-time NWO assholes from the future, f*ckin' great!

  4. Thanks Dad...I knew that I would have to go to the GOOGLE again today. I thought I was just starting to get a handle on the NWO, Pappy Bush, and the aliens, and now I'm hearing that they are all one and the same. Not only that , but they are our grandkids. This one is going to be one of my bigger profound revelations, and I'm gonna have to go sit on the mountain for a while...G: