Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do Israeli's really own 10% of the moon?

Israelis blast past others in bid to own moon

Jan 4, 2007

Israelis own 10 percent of the privately owned area on the moon, according to Tom Wegner, a spokesman for Crazyshop, a company that sells plots of moon land to private individuals in Israel.

About 10,000 Israelis have purchased moon property since it became available in 2000. Of the 10 million acres sold worldwide, 1 million are owned by residents of Israel, Wegner said Wednesday.

"Some Israelis believe that buying land on the moon is an original gift and a great investment that their grandchildren might benefit from," he told The Jerusalem Post.

Israeli moon property sales rose dramatically last month following NASA's announcement on December 5 that it would establish an "international base camp" on one of the moon's poles, landing astronauts in 2020 - and setting up a permanent colony four years later.

Although the sales also increased in the United States, nowhere in the world were they as high as in Israel. While about 9,000 Israelis purchased plots from 2000 until December's announcement, a full 1,000 did so over the last month, Wegman said. "This trend will continue to increase in Israel; it is a snowball effect," he said.


Inheritance and Sale of "Extraterrestrial Real Estate"

8-10 March 2001, "Lunar Real Estate: Buyer, Beware!", Paper presented at the First Convention of Lunar Explorers, Palais de la Découverte, Paris, 8-10 March 2001.. Also downloadable from http://www.spacefuture.com/archive/lunar_real_estate_buyer_beware.shtml

During the past decade, mass-media has reported about individuals and companies that have claimed ownership of various celestial bodies and, in most of the cases, subsequently offered them for sale to the public. While the most publicized "extraterrestrial real estate" company is Dennis Hope's Lunar Embassy, lunar sales date back to 1955, when Robert R. Coles, a former chairman of New York's "Hayden Planetarium", incorporated and started selling lots on the moon for one dollar per acre - because no one else had claimed the Moon1. In January 1962, prior to the launching of "Ranger 3", the first US lunar probe, an individual in one of the British dominions sent President Eisenhower a telegram, informing him that he filed claim to a certain lunar area and that he intended to hold the United States responsible for any damage the probe would cause to his property2. The affair did not develop any further, maybe because Ranger 3 missed the Moon by 36,793 kilometres3. In 1969, soon after Apollo 11 mission, Brazilian police arrested a man for selling lunar lots priced at $25 each. In his pro domo plea, the salesman said he had sold the first lots to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and that they went to the Moon to inspect their properties4.

Eleven years later, Dennis Hope from Rio Vista, California, founded the first "extraterrestrial estate" agency, the Lunar Embassy. In 1980, unaware of the previous affairs and thus believing that the Moon had not been previously claimed by anybody, and convinced that the 1967 Outer Space Treaty prohibition of national appropriation in outer space would not apply to individuals, Hope registered at the federal office of his county a claim over the Moon and a "lunar constitution"5, subsequently copyrighting his work with the US Copyright registry office. He also sent notifications of his claim to the USSR and US governments and to the UN, and he did not receive any answer6. Convinced of the legality of his claim, Hope divided the visible side of the Moon in 3 million parcels7 that he began selling in supermarkets and later on the internet8. Hope has extended his extraterrestrial real estate business to properties on Mars, Venus and Io. He sells an extraterrestrial parcel at the price of $15.99 plus $10 postage and packing, and $1.16 for 'lunar tax'. By June 2000, there were more than 60,000 people holding real estate certificates from the Lunar Embassy9, including Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise and Harisson Ford and, apparently, two former US presidents - Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter10.

Hope is not the only one in the extraterrestrial real estate business. A number of "copycat companies" have appeared - at least six by August 199711, such as the Universal Lunarian Society, that sells parcels on the lunar crater Copernicus for US$50 an acre12, Space Pioneers - that claimed in April 1992 "all the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy"13 and subsequently begun to sell deeds to parcels on Mars priced at US$ 29.95 an acre14, and the Martian Consulate that handsomely states that "Giving a land claim on Mars is truly a unique way to say 'I Love You', 'Happy Birthday', ... or even 'Thank You'"15.


  1. Wow. That's something I didn't even know about G:!

    This is interesting because nations aren't supposed to own extraterrestrial property, but individuals can.

    I wonder about corporations. Legally on paper, they qualify as "persons".

    Have they bought any Lunar property?

  2. Hmm, I don't know Dad, looks like this dude from Las Vegas beat the Israeli's to it. He's been claiming ownership of the Earth's Moon - and seven planets and their moons - for more than 20 years, and has sold over 4 million acres so far.

    The rest of the story is that In 1937, A. D. Lindsay of Ocilla, Georgia claimed all “planets, islands-of-space or other matter” in the Universe as his property.

    I haven't seen anything on paper to attest to this though. You're liable to hear anything but meat frying and money jingling...G:

  3. Well, P.T. Barnum said it best, didn't he? "There's one (sucker) born every minute."

    I'm not surprised that the Zionists think that they own the moon... but then, if there's money involved, they'd say they own the sun, as well!

    Might as well... they own our asses, down here!

    Well, whoever gets there first can clean up that NASA junkyard that doesn't exist!

    I'll have to check that definition of a corporation, Dad. Been out of that a while, now... sounds fishy!

  4. Howdy Highway....Whats funny here is that they're calling this property on the Moon "Real Estate", which in essence means the kings estate. Most of the land in Europe belonged to the King so it was his land that was being sold. So who knows? If there are ruins on the moon like they say maybe there are Earthly connections, but I doubt that they are European...or Jewish for that matter.

  5. Well, I've always believed that there isn't anything that we own that can't be taken away from us, either by litigation or by force. In fact, there is one thing that cannot be forcibly taken from us... our will... freedom to choose and form an opinion.

    Bankers and legislators (kings) make rules and proclamations all of the time, however, unless I choose to honor and obey them, they have no power over me. That is the essence of what empowers the NWO - illusion.

    We bought into the grand delusions of the bankers, and now they're controlling our lives and dictating what we can and can't do.

    They can have their damned moon, sun, stars... whatever! They'll never have me! Their rhetoric doesn't make their delusions of grandeur any more real to me, either!

    Like another Highway once said...

    "You can beat me, you can shoot me, and you can kill me... just don't bore me!" And that's what 'rulers' and their proclamations do to me!

    God made it... He owns it, and me! I'm just a caretaker.

    Good 'nuff for me!


  6. Right on Highway. What really owns us is the illusion if we let it. Most of us spend our time drifting in and out of it, sometimes falling asleep, and need a wakeup call to remind us
    of what is real and what truth really is. It's allways there but we don't always percieve it because there is too much disharmony (bad vibes) to tune in. We came into this reality bare naked and will leave the same way, but hopefully will have a better understanding of what always has been and always will be on the way out.

    Egotistical power freaks seem to be so caught up in their illusion that they think that they are entitled to all that they percieve even to the point of owning it.

    Here in Oregon when Captain Gray crossed the bar of the Columbia he was greeted by many native folks in canoes, but in his mind he could lay claim to all that he could see.

    American rights of discovery to the Columbia were based on Robert Gray's crossing of the bar in 1792 at the river's discharge into the Pacific. He explored the waterway's western bay and named it "Columbia's River" after his ship, Columbia Rediviva. Gray's territorial claim to the watershed was later disputed by England after George Vancouver's exploration, but the American's name for the river was retained, though modified to "Columbia River."

    So I guess that there is nothing new under the Sun and we're entering a time when there are egotistical idiots that will undoubtedly lay claim to all that can be seen through the Hubble telescope and beyond...G:


  7. "I wonder about corporations. Legally on paper, they qualify as "persons"."

    Not so...

    "One of the ways Governments and other regulators have tricked you into thinking you must follow their rules, is to create for themselves an "artificial-person / corporation" who is not you, but whom the Government has fooled you into thinking is you (See Natural vs. Artificial and Trick #4). But, so as not to violate your fundamental rights, they also have provide recognition in law for another legal entity called a "natural-person" (simply meaning a human-being in the law) with which most of your fundamental rights are still intact. So when you interact with the law, you may be represented as an artificial or natural person - you choose.

    This concept of an "artificial-person", a legally obligated entity, that appears to be you, but in fact is not you, is a little difficult to grasp at first, but if you follow through this site, you will understand."

    Read the rest here:


    Corporations are fictions, Dad, and fictions can't own ANYTHING nor do they have any rights. Governments are legal fictions.

    Just another LIE of the elitists, who know nothing else but how to lie and cheat!

    Read Mary Croft's PDF file on that website, too. VERY illuminating!

  8. LOL....I'm having a hard time grasping all this from a US viewpoint, but know one thing for sure. You and Dad are both natural persons, and there is a pretty good chance that the Israeli's don't own 10%, knowing their corporate orientation...G: