Wednesday, January 23, 2008

King Bu$h Borrows $150 billion to throw to the sheople

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  1. The US like Canada has an AMAZING wealth of... PEOPLE! AND natural resources!

    Here's the answer, and it's simple...



    We should recall all our nationals from the G-8 and abroad, soldiers too, and become like China was for centuries. Just cut ourselves off from the rest of the globalist conglomerate, become self-sufficient, throw out any dissenters, and the rest of the world can spiral into a black hole of bankerism!

    "Foreign debt" is like credit card debt. Mary Croft told that pirate-assed MBNA clan of cutthroats to go have intercourse with themselves, and she won, because much like their "money" and their "credit", their power is all in our heads!

    WE have the natural resources... WE have the manpower... WE have the military might... THEY have balls of Titanium...

    And WE acquiesce!