Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knowledge is a dangerous thing according to Bu$hco

Bush: Nuke-less Iran remains dangerous


Iran is dangerous because they might have knowledge about building a nuclear bomb he says. Well, of course they have knowledge of that, but who doesn't? The atomic bomb has been around for 60 plus years, has been built by students, and there are even plans on the internet. I thought that Dubya was a Harvard graduate that knows how to use the google, but here he is on the telly addressing the dangers of having knowledge of building a nuclear weapon, when he should be addressing the dangers of tactical high energy weapons (THEL).


  1. Bu$hco is still rattling the sabers just for the edification of bread and circuses for the unwashed masses.

    It makes good soap opera ratings for Fux Noise, Chicken Noodle Network and the rest of the CMSM.

    Gotta keep the ratings up until American's Idle (Idol) starts next month.

  2. LOLMAO Dad...

    Is it just my imagination or did Shrub just finish doing a big line of Draino...G: