Saturday, December 01, 2007

Remember the common cold? Not Anymore!

Germ Theory – What Is Mycoplasma?

“…What we fear is another opportunity the world is being given to exchange an ancient disease (a viral influenza) for something new: a ‘flu-like illness’ caused by a Mycoplasma species. In fact, if our worst fears are realised, a large part of the human family has already been contaminated with this deadly new pathogen. It has been engineered from its earlier and natural antecedent by the US government’s biowarfare weapons research, development, testing and deployment agencies and their university and commercial partners…

“Mycoplasma is now acknowledged by a patent, held by the US Government, to be a factor in ‘…AIDS or ARC, Gulf War Syndrome, Sarcoidosis, respiratory distress syndrome, Kibuchi’s disease, autoimmune diseases such as Collagen Vascular Disease and Lupus and chronic debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.’ This dramatic list of Mycoplasma-related diseases is taken from the 1991 US Patent #5,242,820, with its ‘inventor’ cited as Shyh-Ching Lo, who assigned the patent rights to the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC. In other words, the US Government holds a patent upon a death and disease weapon of mass destruction in the form of a patent on ‘Pathogenic Mycloplasma’. And this Mycoplasma causes a ‘flu-like illness’ which can be fatal.

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  1. y interesting stuff, finally found the WMD eh?
    here is a way to cure yourself too:

    red e 4 sc?

  2. Whoaah! Nephew

    Excellent stuff. I was just reading about gravity waves and the B2 bomber, but this is more interesting.
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