Friday, December 28, 2007

Bushisms for 2007 ~Will Democracy survive without him?

Well Bu$hco hasn't disappointed us with his wit, humor, decisiveness, military prowess, and educational skills this year as he continues to lead the the most influncial and powerful country on planet Earth. Every day he makes monumental decisions
about such things as helping the people of Lebanon or rescuing Buddhist monks in Burma. As "Commander in Chief" he is busy selecting generals that are suited for the conditions on the grounds of Iraq and attorney generals that are qualified for the Neo Conservative Idiology. This well qualified and many faceted man is the first president to be trusted with the power to take control of all three branches of government in the event of a terror attack or disaster. He will only be in power for one more year, then we will have an inexperienced political wannabe in the White House. How will our Democracy survive without him,or will it?


By Jacob Weisberg
Updated Monday, Dec. 17, 2007, at 11:38 AM ET

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