Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bhutto photographer: 'Gunshots rang out and she went down'

There is a lot of MSM spin about this but this seems to me to be the most reliable evidence as to what really happened. The Pakistani government says that Bhutto was not killed by gunshots, but by a head wound and there is also a lot of talk about Al Quaida. This really looks like a cover-up...By whom and for what reason remains to be told.

The story

The photographer who took images of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto moments before her assassination Thursday told CNN he was "surprised" to see her rise through the sunroof of her vehicle to wave to supporters after delivering her speech.

"I ran up, got as close as I got, made a few pictures of her waving to the crowd," Getty Images senior staff photographer John Moore told CNN's online streaming news service, Live, in a phone interview Thursday from Islamabad, Pakistan.

"And then suddenly, there were a few gunshots that rang out, and she went down, she went down through the sunroof," he said. "And just at that moment I raised my camera up and the blast happened. ... And then, of course, there was chaos.

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  1. this is a really wonderful post....thank you....the new CNN photos of the Gunman are surreal....the person with the dark glasses looks young....or like a female...scary...such hate ..brazen hate would make someone shoot her or blow themselves up....

    I hope and pray that a woman did not blow her up...for some reason that would make it so much bad as it is already....

    ( and the govt there trying to convince the world that she ducked and hit her head...please..)

    keep up the great blogging....

    ( I already have you on my blogroll- of Watergate Summer....)

  2. Thanks enigma4ever, I've added you to my links. Bu$hco and the NWO enablers
    have no love for truth and justice and seekers of true Democracy are merely an inconvenience to them. I suppose that we should all be meditating for harmony and clarity of vision for these evildoers, but at the same time there are a lot of rocks to turn over to expose the filthy vermin to the light of day. For now I choose the latter...G: