Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Yes Men collect signatures for Bush's Global Warming Petition

Global warming petitions, Cleveland

Thursday, May 20, Cleveland

We have been out for half an hour, and already we have collected a dozen on-camera signatures supporting Bush's new pro-America ice age.

We are representing the Bush campaign on the streets of downtown Cleveland on a balmy spring day. Business people pour out of high-rise offices during lunch hour. Dressed in business suits we approach with clipboards and smiles, begging folks to sign our petition and explaining in no uncertain terms exactly what it's about. We also offer copies of our "position paper."

The petition and paper are about global warming—as solution, not problem. Americans should embrace global warming, we assert, and even accelerate the process should it serve any tactical military or economic advantages.

We wish we'd invented this, but we haven't. Our petition is based on a 2003 Pentagon report (full story here) acknowledging the existence of global warming, but questioning its importance. Instead of cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, we should prepare a fortified border to protect against the influx of starving masses. Instead of trying to regulate atmospheric pollutants, we should consider the possible economic advantage that a climate change might give us over up-and-coming economic superpowers like China, Europe, and Japan.

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  1. When the only person who understands the full insanity of our government's positions is supposedly insane, what kind of reality are we living in?

    Makes ya wonder, don't it?

  2. Yep...nothing makes less sense than Bu$hco and their suicidal approach to wealth and power.

    Carlos Castenada' talked about reality a lot in his book "Separate Realities".
    Sometimes the medicine man appears to be a nut, but sees the things that we can't perceive.