Thursday, October 04, 2007

Administration claims Brigadier General Hla Htay Win under house arrest

Mizzima News ~ Burma

Rangoon Commander Major General Hla Htay Win refused to give orders to gun down protesters

General Hla Htay Win, who earlier in the week defected from the military junta in Burma in disagreement of orders to gun down protesters and concerns about persecution of Buddhist Monks, is known to be a moderate among pro-democracy activists and did not want a brutal crack down on protesters.


3 Oct 07, 08:02
Admin: Yangon's Brigadier General Hla Htay Win & family have been put under house arrest and all of their properties have been confiscated.

2 Oct 07, 23:02
Admin: it has been confirmed by KNU that Colonel Htay Win from Battalion 99 has defected to thai boarder with his son.

The Norway Post

Burma: - Colonel to seek asylum in Norway
A central member of the military junta in Burma is reportedly interested in seeking political asylum in Norway. The colonel is said to have defected recently, and is now hiding in the jungle among the Karen people.

30.09.2007 08:25

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  1. One person out of how many defied an order to massacre holy men.

    This is the future NWO in microcosm.