Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What! 2.9 Trillion? Why not a Gadzillion?

Bush's $2.9 trillion request is 'sticker shock'

POSTED: 5:10 p.m. EST, February 4, 2007

Story Highlights• Bush set to request $2.9 trillion from Congress Monday

• Money will pay for Iraq and make up for cuts to 141 government programs

• Democrats highly critical of his budget proposals

• The federal deficit hit an all-time high under Bush of $413 billion in 2004

2.9 trillion? For me a billion is an astrological term.
OK! I'll see your 2.9 trillion and raise you a gadzillion.
We knew that you wanted more money for the explosivation of the middle East, but why so much?
AAaargh! I believe that we the people cannot support any kind of budget proposal from you and your ilk.
I'll be writing my new found representatives in congress and the senate, indicating total support for a budget that is derived from the wishes of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Proposed LNG ports on Columbia

Oregon is getting 297 million to make more US forest available to logging, which will raise dollars for the education of our children, and 15 million to improve the Columbia River channel,which is of course to implement progress on the proposed liquid natural gas (LNG) ports on the lower Columbia River. These are the actions of a corporation, not a government! It reminds me of the old ARAMCO (Arabian American Oil Co.) in 1965 when king Saud was still in power. He let the US tank out all of the oil while he rode in the parade throwing wrist watches and money to the people in the streets.

So far there are 5 LNG ports in the US with 49 still proposed and 10 cancelled because of opposition by the citizens. There are four proposed on the Lower Columbia River.


Since late 2004, multiple energy companies have proposed large, controversial liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments along the Lower Columbia River and in Coos Bay. Currently, five proposals exist in Oregon, each of them generating concern among people who live, work, and recreate in their vicinity. Here is a brief update on each of the five proposals:

1. Bradwood Landing LNG (Northern Star Natural Gas). Bradwood, OR. Northern Star Natural Gas is expected to file its formal application with FERC very soon. FLOW and many other citizen groups, environmental organizations, and concerned citizens will file to be intervenors in the FERC process, reserving the right to appeal FERC decisions, if necessary. FERC continues to accept preliminary comments on Northern Star’s proposal, its resource reports (available on the FERC website, www.ferc.gov), and the possible impacts of the project.

2. Jordan Cove LNG (Fort Chicago and EPD, LLC). North Spit, Coos Bay, OR. The project, now majority owned by a Canadian energy company, Fort Chicago, is being pushed forward and promoted heavily by the Port of Coos Bay. The Port is proposing to purchase a tract of Weyerhauser land on the North Spit and lease part of the property to the Jordan Cove LNG project. The site occupies the area directly opposite the town of North Bend, and it resides close to the North Bend Airport. The Jordan Cove Energy Project is expected to file with FERC soon, although it will be beginning the pre-filing process, which takes a minimum of 6 months.

3. Skipanon LNG LLC (Calpine Corp.). Warrenton, OR. This proposal on the Skipanon Peninsula at the mouth of the Columbia River is moving forward through local land use proceedings. The City of Warrenton tentatively approved rezoning the Skipanon Peninsula on behalf of Calpine’s Skipanon LNG LLC. Their decision, once final, will likely be appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals by local LNG opponents. FLOW filed comments (click here to read) supporting opponents of the Skipanon proposal. Recently, Calpine has filed for bankruptcy. Their Skipanon LNG LLC asset may be sold as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, and FLOW will continue to monitor these developments at the mouth of the Columbia River.

4. Port Westward LNG LLC. St Helens, OR. This proposal may file with FERC once the developer gains full control of the property required in the area. The developer has heavily pressured a local landowner (whose family has owned land in St. Helens for over 100 years), under threat of condemnation by the Port of St. Helens, to sell.

5. Tansy Point LNG LLC. Astoria, OR. This project does not appear to be progressing at this point, but we will continue to monitor this proposal, as well.

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