Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Prescription Drug Plan

Bush & Company have come up with a prescription drug plan for those of us that are on medicare. I have tried to wade through the pages of this plan, but I find it difficult to understand. I don't feel so bad though, as I was reading today that the pharmacist's themselves are having a hard time interpreting it. They are now charging full price to many people, because they don't know how to enterpret the plan. WALMART is gettin in on the act, but I don't do business with them, as they are part of what I consider to be the problem. The big drug companies, as we know have the most lobbiest's in congress of any business, and don't have to compete with other companies untill their patent runs out. What we pay for the drug is not a fair price, but a price that includes pay-offs to senators and congressmen, money that is donated to put more Republicans in office, lobbiest's hidden fees, and even legal fees to the crooked lobbiest's that have been prosecuted. Yep!...We're paying for it all by the drugs we're hooked on. When the patent runs out on these expensive drugs, another company can then manufacture them for a fraction of the cost as a generic drug.
Walmart is a story in itself, but I'm sure that you have heard about it. Anyhoo...they are gonna figure this whole mess out for us so we can buy the best plan, and they can sell us our drugs. Drugs that we used to buy from our local pharmacist at the local drug store that went out of business in our town.
Want to Learn More About the New Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage?
If you own any property, unless it is worthless, forget about it. Believe me, from what I can see, it pays to be a renter. I guess that when Dubya says that we should be an ownership society, that it was another one of his sick jokes, or just another lie, that he won't have to be accountable for. After all...he's protecting us from terrorist's! How could we expect him to be truthfull and responsible for everything that he promises? Oh...For The Good Old Day's...

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