Friday, March 17, 2006

Is Dubya Is Getting Too Big For His Breeches?

Yep...George has been way too deep in the muck from day one. It all started before he ran for president, and also before he ran for governor of Texas. He was the fortunate son of George Harry Walker Bush, who had ties with the Carlyle group etc. etc. So...George junior was gifted with education at Harvard...A cushy position in the Air National Guard...A business in the oil industry "Arbusto Oil"...
that was in partnership with Osama Bin Laden's brother Salem Bin Laden re: arbusto translates to shrub in Spanish. Anyhoo...he wasn't a success in any of these endeavors. His election to the governership of Texas can be directly attributed to the shady manipulations of Karl Rove, who is still controlling Bush's political machine, in spite of being next on the list for inditement on the Valery Plame affair. Dubya had to lie to get into office, and his lies have been compounding ever since. The biggest lie was probably that there are "weapons of mass destruction", which was parroted by virtually every one of the Neocon's in their quest to go to war with Iraq. And unbelievably, he is still trying to rationalise this war which nobody wanted, except for the Neocon's, who went to extraordinary lengths to make it happen.
Republicans say Bush's arrogance is his downfall

Democrats,Republicans,Liberals, Progressives, WE The People call for accountability

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