Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wire tapping & the Shoe Bomber

Bush Says Cooperation Thwarted 2002 Attack...WASHINGTON Feb 9, 2006

  • In defending his position on domestic spying, George will go to any lengths to spin the media.
    The incident that he is talking about involves a guy that was trying to light a fuse on his sneaker with a match.
    He was subdued by the stewerdess, aided by passengers on the plane, who held him and removed his shoes.
    Bush gave new details about the multinational cooperation that foiled purported terrorist plans to fly a commercial airplane into the tallest skyscraper on the West Coast? I don't think so....This hardly a guy that could fly a plane into a building....Wire tapping? I guess that the information that Bush is referring to was found in a Yahoo email account.
    The three e-mails were found in a draft folder of a Yahoo account set up by Reid the day before the flight, including one message to his mother. Prosecutors on Tuesday also released the contents of three e-mails that Reid allegedly left behind before boarding the flight on Dec. 22, 2001, including a will and separate messages to his mother and a man identified only as a "brother."

  • Shoe Bomber
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