Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Letter to Ranger Gordon

Once again the Bush administration wants to investigate itself.
Alberto Gonzales is acting like he doesn't understand the law, and will not, "himself" answer a simple yes or no question. That would not happen if he had you on the stand. What is this...Faith based law? Or do we adhere to the safeguards that are written into the Constitution? You and I all know that if we all stand up and begin screaming that it will be confirmed that we are the vast majority. For you "Gordon Smith" It is time to pay attention to the people that you serve, instead of the corporations that keep you in office. For you "Ron Wydon" I know that you know what "We The People" are concerned about. I for one want an open investigation, that is reported accurately to the people of the world, and I do not mean FAUX NEWS.

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