Friday, October 10, 2014

                                    Cowell Lime Works

 Santa Cruz, California:  Lime was manufactured here in the late 1800s and early 1900s

           Cowell Lime Works Historic District 

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 A history and tour of the Historic District at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Lime was manufactured here in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

The Lime Kiln Chronicles 


 Wordgeezer... Qct. 10, 2014

Thank you for this excellent piece of history. I remember hiking in the Wilder ranch in the 1950's. One of the things I remember is the old kilns. We could go inside them to see the beautiful glass on the old firebrick. The main house, barns, cookhouse, and out buildings were like a time capsule, and in pretty good condition. Further up on the right side of Bay Street was a limestone cave that us kids spent a lot of time at. Inside there was a hole that led to a space with some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. The hole was so small that it was difficult to crawl through, we called it the "sweat hole". If our parents had known about this, I doubt that they would have ever let us do any cave exploring.

I lived in Santa Cruz from 1948 through 1975. I now live in Oregon, but SC is my home, although, in reality, I am a Caligonian that remembers being a beach rat that hung out on Cowells Beach. Why did I leave SC?...because...maybe it was because the Dream Inn was built or that the Eucalyptus grove, by Steamer Lane is gone...

Peace & goodwill to all who live there...It just might be the most comfortable place on the planet...G%

For more information, visit the website: http://limeworks.ucsc.ed

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