Wednesday, March 19, 2014

True Torah Jews Runs Radio Ads Against Israeli Draft

True Torah Jews March 18, 2014

 March 12, 2014 will unfortunately go down in history as a black day for Orthodox Jewry, the day when the Israeli government finally passed their law to forcibly draft Orthodox youth into their army. Starting in 2017, Jews refusing the draft for religious reasons will be sent to jail. But this is no time to sit and mourn. We must wake up from our shock and shake up the world with an outcry of protest. Orthodox Jewry has already shown in the case of the law mandating the drafting of girls (in 1954) that even after the decree passed the Knesset, it remained shelved, unenforced to this day, thanks to the worldwide protest of Torah Jewry against it.

Over the past few days, True Torah Jews has been running a series of powerful radio ads on nationwide media networks, expressing clearly and simply our position against the persecutors of Judaism in the Holy Land. The text of the ad is as follows: Very recently, hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews across the globe have openly expressed their pain at the Israeli government. The Israeli government's plan to draft Orthodox Jews is a direct attack on their freedom of religion.

Clearly, one goal of the draft is to fulfill the longtime Zionist dream to transform Torah Judaism into nationalism. Furthermore, ever since the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago, G-d has commanded the Jewish people not to establish a Jewish army and fight wars against other nations, only to wait for Divine redemption. The draft will force the Orthodox to violate their very conscience and most fundamental religious principles. How ironic that the so-called Jewish State has become the most difficult place for Orthodox Jews to practice Judaism.

 American Jewry will not tolerate such injustice. For more information, visit True Torah Jews. The ad is especially important because in the wake of the recent worldwide protests, the Orthodox community has repeatedly come under attack by the Zionist media, who accuse them of being cowards and loafers who want others to risk their lives and do the fighting for them. It is crucial to make clear that this is not an issue of whether we should go to the army or they should; it is that we are opposed to the entire existence of the state, its army and all the army’s actions. Publicizing this fact is the greatest sanctification of G-d’s name.


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 be aware...  

 although there are many Zionist you-tube channels, there are also some you-tube channels by the real Jews  that strongly disagree with the Zionist agenda...


i am not jewish nor do i belong to any organized religion... i am just another shuman bean passing on to god knows where...peace...G%

                  Clearly explained why Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in IDF


                                       True Torah Jews on Youtube 


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