Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Middle-class Jews protest Zionist Chutzpah

Paul Feldman reports on giant Israeli protests

Peoples Assembly Network 08.01.2011


* On Saturday night, more than 150,000 people – out of a population of seven million – gathered in 12 cities across Israel as part of the biggest social movement the country has witnessed.

* Middle-class Jews and Israeli Palestinians have come together in local encampments in a way that seemed unimaginable only a few weeks ago.

* A poll showed that 87% of Israelis support the tent city protests.

* A steady influx of wealthy diaspora Jews from New York, Miami and Paris who bought up flats in Israel’s big cities has driven up prices in many affluent neighbourhoods along the Mediterranean coast in cities such as Tel Aviv and Netanya, in addition to Jerusalem.

* In Israel, the Zionists who dominate a nationalist state founded on a single ethnic group have used the threat of an external “enemy” in the shape of Arab regimes to hold sway over a seemingly pliant population.

* The idea that the Jewish state represents all Jews equally is being exposed and blown apart and with it will go the raison d’être of the Zionist regime itself.


  1. Very insightful and straightforward. I've passed on to my network. Thank you.
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  2. Thanks Chandra. It is a strange world indeed when truth is claimed to be the enemy of Democracy.