Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vote Naked, mainly, just vote naturally

Well, big whoopie, we been voting naked for years here in Oregon, but what the heck, we do a lotta things naked, especially when it ain't raining. One of the favorite things in P Town, Portland, is naked bike riding just to show that a lot of the folks there are demanding bicycle rights.

Here's some information about this by Glowing Fish

In the state of Oregon, all elections are conducted by mail, and have been since 1998. Oregon is currently the only state in the United States to use this system. (Washington will begin to use this system statewide in 2010).

The system works fairly simply: several weeks before the election, ballots are mailed out to all registered voters in Oregon. Along with the ballot, the envelope also includes an explanatory statement of the ballot measures, and a secrecy envelope, and a postal return envelope. The voter fills in bubbles for candidates and ballot measures that they support, as well as filling in write-in candidates if they desire. They then seal it in a secrecy envelope, and then put it in another envelope that they sign and return either by postal service, or by dropping it off at a designated place.

The system has been in place since 1998, when Ballot Measure 60 was approved broadly by the people of Oregon. Many of Oregon's ballot measures tend to be politically polarized, supported by either urban or rural counties, but Measure 60 passed by wide margins in all counties of Oregon. It seemed to have wide cross-partisan support, and in the ten years since, there have been no serious challenges to vote-by-mail. Also, as far as I know, there has never been any serious election fraud connected with it. Although wider voter participation is often considered to be of benefit to the Democratic Party, the convenience of Vote-by-Mail seems to be something that no one wants to challenge.

Kudos to

Hmm, I wonder if Rahm Emanuel has something to do with this? I hear that he's fleeing the scene in DC to run for Mayor of Chicago. Hope not though, things are bad enough there without him, not that I am worried about his moral practices, it.s more about his family ties with the IDF.
The stockyards there are something to behold, and after seeing the documentory, food inc., I have reservations about ever eating another hot dog again. Maybe it's just a hunch, or maybe pure unadulterated fear, but, even if Rahm were an immigrunt farm worker, I would worry about the food in the supermarkets. Not that I'm not cautious anyways.

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