Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video Review: Mike Gravel Voice of Reason in Troubled Times

Mike Gravel in his political campaign for President gave us a message, about philosophy, art, religion, & politics, that I haven't forgotton.
In our modern society,whether proposing marriage, seeking employment, applying for a loan, or seeking political office, we promise the Moon & stars without thinking of the reality of our intentions. As he walked away, the vibrations that he left there radiated through the waters.
What were his intentions? He didn't say, but I'm sure he knows that the road to Hell is paved with them.

Fmr Senator Mike Gravel On Pot, Palin, Obama & More

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  1. Kudos to Mike, 80 years old and still speaking out for the people.
    Tea baggers take note, and listen to his whole story. The corruption that we see today has been going on a long time, and comes from beyond the out house; Oh, I meant "White House"...G: