Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tea Baggers have no clue about the Police State

Tea Baggers in Wonderland; Do you see any Jackboots?

geezerpower April 10, 2010

Note the difference in the way these demonstrations are handled? We're talking about total control here. The corporate government is not only controlling Fox News, it is even controlling the Tea Baggers. The police presence here is far from being intimidating. Indeed the sympathetic right wing politicians, who would have been decimated by the Bu$hco Neoconservatives in a similar situation, are encouraging it.

No Jackboots, no riot gear, no tear gas, no rubber bullets. What in the clear blue hell is going on with the Obama administration to allow the very thing that Bu$hco would have made invisible. If this protest had occured during the Bush/Cheney administration they would have had to protest in a fenced area that was blocks from the White House and face lines of Jackboots in riot gear.

Flashback: August 27, 2008 — Protesters are confronted by riot police in front of the state capital.

 Any resemblance to DickArmy's "Freedom Works" promoted Tea Party protests is purely co-incidental.


  1. This is the reality of it folks. The corporate media controls what is happening and how it is reported.

    Can you imagine Obama calling in the jack boots, national guard, and Black Water on the tea bag protests.

    Well, don't worry, he won't, because Obama has no more power than any of us. Our corporate government, spurned on by unprecedented war crimes, plays the game of divide and conquer very well, as it cowtows to AIPAC and pursues the Zionist agenda.

    The shadow government, think Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc. etc., and you will see war with Iran, and permanent occupation throughout the Middle East. Not because of nuclear proliferation, but for unprecedented control of the whole area.

    Can I mention Israel without being accused of Holicost denial; probably not, so I will put this in simpler terms...Beware of Zionist ambitions... G%

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