Monday, March 15, 2010

Jesse Ventura censored by The Huffington Post

Well, this is business as usual for the Corporate Government, which shows just how much media control is really in place. What Jesse is talking about here is not  necessarily a conspiracy, but a compilation of evidence which shows  concrete evidence that the government hypothesis, a conspiracy theory in itself, is virtually impossible when considering the real evidence. Nine years have passed since the destruction of the towers, and the gathering of evidence has been an ongoing process, which shows that it took huge amounts of energy to turn so much concrete, steel, furniture, etc, to dust. The NIST still claims that the buildings were destroyed by ordinary fire and the force of gravity. They spent over $20 million on it and who knows how much on a computor similation that is more complex than the 10,000 pages of the NIST report.

There is an old adage that goes something like this: The further from the truth. The more complicated it becomes.

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