Saturday, February 06, 2010


  1. Yo, old one...

    Yep, I believe we can expect big things in the next couple of years, in the line of more political-correctness, increased paranoia over false-flag operations passed off as terrorist attacks, increased security everywhere, "gubmint" corruption and disinformation, media disinformation, corporate crime... you name it, if it's bullshit, it's in.

    In order for Novus Ordo Seclorum to be realized, no less finalized, there must be certain amount of degradation brought to society to give it an appearance of legitimacy. This video is right on about Israel being the boss of America, as Israel will, one day, be the headquarters of this satanic centralized government that the globalists are pushing for.

    What most of the NWO dupes fail to realize, though, is that they're fighting God. Indeed, if it were just us in this fight, we might as well get tattooed now and get it over with. Things are going to be bad... REAL bad... but, there's a new world a-comin'!

    And, it doesn't have a pyramid with an eye attached to it, either!

  2. I'm gonna swipe this vid for my own rag. I'll make sure your old ass gets the kudos!


  3. Yep, the elite are squeezing every last drop of wealth from our once great country. The means used to obtain it need have anything to do with honesty, honor, or the existing constitution and the law of the land that goes with it.

    Exotic weaponry and privatized police forces will be the order of the day as we continue to see more killing of innocent civilions, ala Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Pakistan. Iran will, of course, be next in line because they have no nukes and not enough missiles to be a real threat to Israel.

    Billybobjoe, his original youtube name, will be proud to see his article flying on "The Highwayman". He's been banned a few times from Youtube, mainly for his truth in reporting on Zionist issues, so the old airline pilot is now called Sludgereport2.

    Keep on truckin (&

  4. I agree with you... Geez! he was doing a good job..