Friday, January 29, 2010

No Regrets says Blair while being booed at war crimes inquiry

Press TV - Tony Blair under investigation for war crimes

Blair booed after telling Iraq inquiry he has no regrets

Mail Online

Last updated at 7:15 PM on 29th January 2010

By Nicola Boden and Sophie Freeman

    * Blair branded 'smug' and heckled as he insists 'I don't regret anything'
    * 'Saddam had to go after 9/11 - I'd do it all again', defiant ex-PM declares
    * 'Monster' could have killed millions in chemical attack if unchecked
    * 'Dodgy dossier' was a mistake and I should have corrected 45-minute claim
    * Warning military action might be needed to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions
    * Protesters call him a coward for sneaking inside two hours early

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All of the usual stories here, but maybe, just maybe, Blair will have to confront the David Kelly issue.

New calls for David Kelly inquest

BBC had their tit in a wringer over WMD report

Reporter Andrew Gilligan and another reporter resigned along with the director general, Greg Dyke over this whole affair. Needles to mention The BBC is no longer the honorable source of news that it once was.







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