Monday, November 02, 2009

Student Educates Teachers About 9/11 During Class

Robert's Youtube channel

Well, it looks like Alex Jones and We Are Change have a lot of influence on Robert. The teachers who he is talking to here should be savvy enough to give him a little advice on how to maintain credibility. To me it is a sad thing that he is jumping on the band wagon of all the standard theories, instead of backing up a few simple facts which will suffice as evidence for a new open and independent investigation.

My advice to you Robert is to stand on your own two feet, avoid the limelight, and speak softly. This is the way to project the truth and in the long run more people will listen. I belong to ae911truth and understand what you say, but I am not a "truther" which is a name used by the debunkers to control us. Rather I am a seeker of truth and learned a long time ago that it isn't always good idea to follow the leader who makes the most noise...G:

Operation Mind Seed


  1. You're not the first to say that about Jones Geez, I've often thought that myself!

    As for the truth, well, maybe it'll never be known, but like Diogenes, carrying the Lamp of Truth isn't a bad idea!

  2. Yep, I guess it's the microphone that was the tip off. At any rate, one Alex is enough without any future protoge's running the same venue.

    For me the truth comes in tidbits that I can sink my teeth into like Newton's nuts and bolts observation of the acceleration of gravity and of course Pythagorus's theory of the behavior of waves under acceleration and the formation of the octave. I can feel the gravity, but don't exactly understand it. I can hear and experience the music, but don't understand exactly why the two breaks occur in the doubling of the vibes. Will keep ya posted if I can expand on the vibrations and harmonics of the waves...G:

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